Coral & Kim's Emporium (C&KE) was created in April 2014 by two friends with an appetite to cook and entertain. 

Coral Joyce has the ability to transform a simple idea into an elaborate dish and has never formally trained in cookery. Coral has self taught herself to prepare, cook and serve amazing dishes to her friends and family and is often labelled the Dessert Queen! 

Kim Little has been cooking since she left school in 1982 and has made this her life long career. Although most years have been spent teaching cookery, Kim has never been very far from a kitchen and where her heart lies. Becoming a chef has not only expanded her knowledge and abilities within industry but a passion she loves to teach and share with others.

Having been friends for around 20 years, team Coral and Kim are forever treating their friends to wonderful dinner parties and inspiring dishes that are often complemented with handing out a recipe or two.

C&KE is now a registered business that has inspired two friends who love to cook, to want to create and design a specific part of your day and your special memory.